Leak Repairs

Leaks are inevitable in pressurized systems. When leaks or process damages occur on pipelines/flowlines,Vhelbherg International Limited
can provide bolt-on style leak repair fittings for whatever application services as required.

Universal clamp couplings are leak repair clamps that make it possible to achieve a complete circumferential seal and wide range for repairing splits and holes, full breaks, and pin holes in various types of pipes.

We specialize in pipeline leak repairs, including leak clamping and sectional replacements on land and swamp locations. We use specialized equipment like cold cutters etc to offer quick and adequate response to our client’s needs in this area. At the same time we help curtail associated environmental hazards and pollution by our quick response. Our ability to communicate with the impacted community using our tested methods has given us unrivaled results in this area of work in Nigeria