Extended Well Tests

Vhelbherg International Limited provides a complete package of exploration and appraisal well testing services to meet your production needs. Using some the industry’s most reliable technologies, our well test team has the expertise to acquire accurate and reliable surface well test data during any stage of the field development, allowing you to optimally exploit your reservoirs. We can operate efficiently under the most stringent HSE regulations and in the most challenging environments.

Surface well testing (SWT) services: Vhelbherg International Limited has a wide range of modular and SWT packages that provides cost effective solutions for well clean up and for quickly obtaining accurate well test data that helps you to plan your production and saves you time. Our services include design, planning, provision of complete equipment, monitoring and measurement of oil and gas production data.

Extended well testing (SWT) services: Through our EWT packages, we acquire substantial reservoir data that can be used to:
Understand reservoir behavior and potential
Carryout real-time evaluation of reservoir
Economically evaluate field productivity
Make valued risk/benefit analysis for investment
Plan field development

Flowback services: We provides expertise and equipment to execute plan and execute flowback programs. Our equipment can handle high flowrates and pressures as well as solid materials encountered during clean up of fractured well

Flowback packages include:
Portable 1440 psi separators (horizontal and vertical)
Portable flare stacks
Automatic chokes

Drill stem testing (DST) services: DST allows you to ascertain if a well has commercial quantities of hydrocarbons and provides information for designing completion and production facilities. We provide DST tools for both open and cased hole

Surface sampling services: We offers a full range of well site and laboratory sampling services to accurately characterize reservoir fluids enabling you to understand the properties of your reservoir, develop robust reservoir models and maximize recovery

Data services: We provides solutions for acquiring data during well testing, extended production testing or at processing facilities. We have remote data acquisition systems that enables:
Data monitoring, logging, processing, and trending in real-time
Data analysis, export, and reporting

Effluent handling & disposal: We have a wide range of equipment packages to handle and dispose oil and gas production effluents efficiently and safely.
Sand monitoring: Our acoustic non-intrusive sand monitoring systems detect sand production in single or multiphase oil & gas flow lines in real time, enabling determination of maximum acceptable production rates. They offer a cost effective means for you to optimize your production